Welcome... You have stopped at The Kat-Talk Store created for all cat-lovers worldwide. As cat owners and cat lovers ourselves we'd love for you to come in and explore our Specially Designed Cat Products we've created for you.

Below, you can see examples of our Popular, Unique Designs on our high quality Tote Bags and Pillow Covers. All the designs can be personalized with your own initial to "katomize" them and make them special.

Click on the design you like, to discover the details of that particular product...

Although our most popular cat products are the Tote Bags with initials on, we can create personalized designs on the bags as well as pillow cases and sneakers right through to car seat covers!

Click here to explore our current catalogue and please do email if you can't find what you are looking for... or to see if we can do a special design for you.

All are designs are hand drawn by our superb artists for Kat-Talk and are not found in any other stores (on or offline).

If you'd like to know more about the team here at Kat Talk (Liz and Puffin) then click this link to Meet The Team (opens in a new window)... Puffin would love to hear from other cat lovers, and their cats :-)